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A recent Lifeway Research study reports that Pastors say that their greatest needs include developing leaders and volunteers (77%), and fostering connections with unchurched people (76%). One of the most significant attributes of an effective leader is to realize that everyone has areas in their lives that need strengthening and improvement. Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Executive Pastors need additional skills to thrive in a post-pandemic ministry context. Comprehensive leadership competencies include proficiency in the core disciplines of administration, conceptualization, and managing relationships. Check out our blog post on “Seven Good Reasons for a Church Strategic Plan.”

Dr. Holmes has spent more than twenty-five years helping pastors and faith-based organizations improve various ministry aspects, including teaching, discipleship, volunteer leadership development, media ministry, marketing, strategic planning, financial development, and more. Dr. Holmes has a proven track record of helping faith-based organizations to adapt to changing external environments such as the recent pandemic and past recessions.

IPC’s Church Coaching & Training Solutions

Church leaders are often very proficient at preaching sermons, teaching bible studies, and supporting congregants through life’s tragedies and celebrations. However, many Pastors need additional support to increase church engagement and forge deeper connections with congregants and volunteers. To learn more about our strategic growth planning, financial development, and strategic communications services click this link.


Our three-month coaching program offers pastors weekly one-to-one online coaching sessions (for one hour). These coaching sessions aim to analyze and address leadership pain points and develop a strategic action plan for success. Some packages may include additional months to assist with executing an established plan. Spouses are welcome to attend. Please check out our new blog and video on the value of coaching.

Training Program

Developing staff and volunteers is foundational to the church’s mission to make disciples. IPC’s hybrid training programs are designed to focus on church staff and volunteer development. Training includes a customized monthly onsite and offsite workshop to address the specific training needs of volunteers and staff. We recommend that leaders from each department participate in the training to reinforce team building and interconnectedness. Please schedule a free consultation for more information on IPC’s church training program.  Check out the testimonials on our training and experience with churches.

“…It gives me great pleasure to recommend Dr. Lena Holmes. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Holmes for over 15 years in many capacities, and I can say that she is a savvy business woman, excellent teacher/trainer and spiritual leader. …”

Pastor Jean Donnell

Dr. Holmes’ teachings on leadership are truly informative, practical, understandable, and, most of all, applicable to the local church. These principles can also be applied to a business setting. We were very fortunate to have her as our instructor.

Pastor Julio Roque

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