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Leadership Coaching

Welcome to Leadership Coaching

As an experienced leadership coach, Dr. Holmes assists senior executives and high-potential employees with improving their performance and achieving established goals. IPC’s innovative coaching methodology helps clients to develop the skills, behaviors, and mindset necessary to become successful servant leaders.

Coaching Packages Include:

Initial consultation and assessment: During the initial consultation, we will discuss your goals, challenges, and expectations for the coaching engagement. Also, we will gather information about your leadership style, communication skills, decision-making processes, and other key competencies to determine the best approach for your coaching.

Goal setting: Based on our assessment, we will work together to develop specific and measurable goals for the coaching engagement. These goals will be aligned with your personal and professional aspirations, as well as your organization’s strategic objectives.

Coaching sessions: Our coaching sessions will be tailored to your unique needs and goals. We will meet regularly (usually once per week or every two weeks) to provide feedback, insights, and guidance to help you improve your leadership skills and overcome any obstacles that may be preventing you from performance improvement.

Skills development: As part of the coaching process, we help you develop the specific skills you need to become a successful leader in your organization. This may involve providing training on topics such as communication, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Action planning: To achieve your goals, you will need to take action and modify your behavior and mindset. We will work together to develop an action plan that outlines specific steps you will take to achieve your objectives. This action plan will include milestones, timelines, and specific problem solving approaches to realize your goals.

Accountability and support: Throughout the coaching engagement, we will provide ongoing support and accountability to help you stay on track. This may involve regular check-ins to monitor progress, provide feedback, and offer guidance. We may also provide additional resources and support as needed to advance your objectives.

Evaluation and follow-up: At the end of the coaching engagement, we will conduct an evaluation to assess your progress and determine the impact of the coaching on your performance. We may also provide follow-up coaching sessions or additional support to help you maintain your momentum and continue to achieve your goals.

Invest in yourself  

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